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CONFIDENTIAL Investor P r e s e ntat io n October 2022 NASDAQ: SGBX



CONFIDENTIAL This presentation contains forward - looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 . In some cases, forward - looking statements can be identified by terminology such as "may," "should," "potential," "continue," "expects," "anticipates," "intends," "plans," "be lie ves," "estimates," and similar expressions. These forward - looking statements are based on management's expectations and assumptions as of the date of this presentation and include sta tem ents regarding the Company’s market opportunities, SG Echo, Waldron anticipated in Q1 2023 and SGB Development Corp.’s construction and development pipeline. Whi le SG Blocks believes these forward - looking statements are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on any such forward - looking statements, which are based on inform ation available to us on the date of this presentation. These forward - looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult t o predict that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations and assumptions from those set forth or implied by any forward - looking statements. Importan t factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations include, among others, the Company’s ability to complete its projects as scheduled, the Co mpany’s ability to expand within its various verticals, the Company’s ability to position itself for future profitability, the Company’s ability to maintain compliance with the NAS DAQ listing requirements, and the other factors discussed in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10 - K for the year ended December 31, 2021 and the Company’s subsequent filings with the SEC , including subsequent periodic reports on Forms 10 - Q and 8 - K. The information in this presentation is provided only as of the date of this presentation, and we undertake no obligation to update any forward - looking statements contained in this presentation on account of new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by law. 2 Safe Harbor



In 2017, SG Blocks received the first approval in construction history from the International Code Council (ICC) for the reuse of a material for the purposes of code compliant construction. The material approved was t he intermodal shipping container for which we received an ESR number which adorns each modified and finished unit. 3 SG Blocks is a NASDAQ listed designer, manufacturer and developer of modular structures that uses modular processes to reduce a project’s embodied energy from design to completion. Our Company has a disruptive business model in large verticals including real property development, domestic manufacturing and point of care medical testing and treatment. We focus on technologies and sectors where domestic need is strong and that the existing solutions are not safe, green nor cost effective. We have vertically integrated, so we capture revenue from concept all the way into operations and asset disposal. Executive Summary



Board of Directors PAUL GALVIN C H A I R M A N A N D C H I E F E X E C UT I V E O FF I C E R Paul M. Galvin was appointed as a director and the Company’s CEO upon consummation of the reverse merger among CDSI Holdings Inc., CDSI Merger Sub, Inc., the Company, and certain stockholders of the Company on November 4, 2011. Mr. Galvin is a founder of SG Blocks, LLC, the predecessor entity of the Company. He has served as the CEO of the Company since April 2009 and as a director of the Company since January 2007. Mr. Galvin has been a managing member of TAG Partners, LLC (“TAG”), an investment partnership formed for the purpose of investing in the Company since October 2007. Mr. Galvin brings over 30 years of experience developing and managing real estate, including residential condominiums, luxury sales, and market rate and affordable rental projects. Prior to his involvement in real estate, he founded a non - profit organization that focused on public health, housing, and child survival, where he served for over a decade in a leadership position. CHRISTOPHE R MELTON DIRECTOR Christopher Melton was appointed as a director of the Company upon consummation of the Merger on November 4, 2011. Mr. Melton is a licensed real estate salesperson in the State of South Carolina and until June 2019 was a principal of Callegro Investments, LLC, a specialist land investor investing in the southeastern U.S., which he founded in 2012. 4 YA NI V B U L M F E L D DIRECTOR Yaniv Blumenfeld joined the Board of Directors in April 2018. He founded Glacier Global Partners LLC in 2009 and is responsible for its strategic direction, overseeing its investments and day - to - day management, including origination, underwriting, closing, investor relations, and asset management functions. Mr. Blumenfeld has over 20 years of real estate experience, 13 years of which have been with leading Wall Street firms, where he was responsible for structuring, underwriting, pricing, securitizing, and syndicating over $16 billion of commercial real estate loans and equity transactions



DAVI D VILLAREAL DIRECTOR David Villarreal was appointed as a director of the Company on May 28, 2021. Mr. Villarreal’s career spans over 40 years in various management, business, and leadership capacities, beginning in 1977 when he served as Deputy Mayor and Senior Deputy Economic Development Advisor, under Mayor Tom Bradley in the City of Los Angeles. He has served since August 2014 as the Chief Administrative Officer of Affinity Partnerships, LLC, a Costco national mortgage services platform provider, with annual closed loan production of $8+ billion through a network of ten national mortgage lenders. From March 2011 to August 2014, he served as the President, Corporate Business Development, of Prime Source Mortgage, Inc. From September 2008 to September 2012, he served as a Consultant to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. J O S E P H S A F I NA DIRECTOR Joseph Safina was appointed as a director of the Company on May 28, 2021. Mr. Safina is a serial entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in investment banking working with public and privately held small to mid - cap companies. Since 1997, Mr. Safina has been the principal of Safina Capital, an “all - stage” investment firm which offers its portfolio companies investment capital, strategic insight, global relationships, and operational support. He has been instrumental in helping his clients with large - scale fund - raising, merger & acquisitions, business development, marketing, and financial management. Board of Directors (cont.) 5



Market Opportunities $230B Commercial Construction $85B Global Modular $11B US P o i n t o f C a r e D i a gn o s t i c Market (2024) $213B Expected Investment into Multifamily in 2022 6



Segment Overview SG Blocks, Inc. NASDAQ: SGBX • Services - everything from MRI to dental units 7 Wholly - owned subsidiary for real estate d e v e l o p m e n t u t ili z i n g S G B X’ s t e ch n o l o gy SG B DevCorp $56.4M Combined Assessed Value $8.0M Combined Purchase Price Environmental Segment Manufacturing Segment $ 6 . 8 M R e v e n u e ( F Y 2021 ) $ 4 . 5 M R e v e n u e ( F Y 2020 ) Medical Segment $ 31 . 6 M R e v e n u e ( F Y 2021 ) $ 4 . 2 M R e v e n u e ( F Y 2020 ) Leading design and construction of a wide variety of modular structures • All of our structures are built in our own factories in the USA • Plans to develop several manufacturing locations in the next few years • Servicing 3rd Party Clientele as well as our Development and Medical segments A sustainable medical and waste management solution • Waste is collected at point of generation in the given container • Waste is transported / treated in the same container • Low - volume unrecognizable waste is ready for safe disposal Turnkey solutions to medical testing and treatment • Building – from concept to installation • Testing – full suite from PCR to diagnostic • Services – Everything from MRI to dental units • Develops, co - develops, builds and finances single and multi - family homes • Pipeline of $765 million and ~4,200 units • Keeping factories at near 100% capacity • Affording manufacturing income, visibility, project fees and asset sales



CONFIDENTIAL Our Past Clients and Partners 8



Benefits of Modular and Container based Construction STRONG Modules are STRONG, resilient, maritime - grade structures Engineered to self - center and lock into place when stacked Factory produced modules provide greater quality of construction FAST Builders save time and money and deliver a structure Faster to an end - user Containers are already "squared" which eliminates significant time in the construction process. Modules are produced when site - work occurs, saving around 50% on total construction time GREEN Repurposed containers greatly o ff set a development’s carbon footprint, reducing resource use Modular construction allows for energy savings and more e ffi cient waste management than traditional construction First recycled shipping containers approved by ICC Manufacturing Segment 9



CON SG Product line 10 GREENSTEEL GreenSteel is the structural core and shell of an SG Blocks modified container. The units are can be fi n i s h e d i n t h e f a ct o r y o r b y a l o c a l G C o n - s i t e . “ W H I T E B O X” MODULAR WhiteBox designates the shell of a purpose - built module. In addition, units can be partially finished at the facility with the balance to be completed by a local GC. FINISHED MODULAR S G Bl o ck s d e li v e r s a n o u t fi tt e d p r o du ct w h e r e fi n al units are assembled on site and complete all trim outs and closure pieces so it is ready to occupy.



SG ECHO Modular Factory SG Echo is a container modifier and modular manufacturer in Durant, Oklahoma that serves as the headquarters for SG Blocks manufacturing. The facility specializes in the design and construction of permanent modular and temporary modular products. SG Blocks has also acquired two additional facilities in the Durant, Oklahoma area to further advance a multi - phased plan to rapidly develop the SG Echo manufacturing in our commitment to the Durant community. 11



SG ECHO, WALDRON 12 (Anticipated Q1 2023)



U.S. Based M anuf ac turin g SGB DevCorp Projects - Lago Vista* - Cumberland Inlet, GA - McLean, OK - Norman Berry, GA 3rd Party C o mm e r c ial Sales - Hospitality - Temporary Structures - Quick Service Restaurants - Military Medical and E n v i r o n m e n t al Services - Clarity Mobile Lab @LAX - Sanitec Modular Medical Waste Disposal SG Echo M an u f ac t u r i n g Locations - Echo (HQ ) OK - Waldron, OK (2022) - McLean, OK (2023) - St. Marys, GA (2024) 13



Commitment to ESG Recycled Materials L E E D C e rt i f i a b l e Modular Efficiency Earthquake/Hurricane Resistant Point of Care Diagnostic Testing Low - cost homes Low Carbon Footprint Point of Care Medicine Helps the sickest and most vulnerable Early Detection saves lives SG Blocks is committed to delivering environmentally appropriate products and services that reduce waste, increase efficiency and reduce barriers for working class and underserved populations ENVIRONMENTAL Tax transparency Ethical business approach No data sharing No spam Publicly Traded Independent Board of Directors Audit Committee Compensat i on Committee Corporate G o v e r n a n ce Committee G O V E R N A NC E SOCIAL 14



S G M e di c al S olution s SG Blocks offers a turnkey solution to medical testing and treatment. We customize service and delivery mechanisms for any unique need. BUILDING Concept Designs, Full A&E Services, Fabrication Documents, Manufacturing, and Installation TESTING PCR, Antigen, Antibody, Drug/Employment Screenings, Diabetes, Cancer, and General Diagnostic SERVICES Sample Collection and Processing Units, Examination Rooms, X - ray and MRI Rooms, Operating Rooms, Dental Clinics, Ophthalmology Suites, Specialty Units, Large Employer and University Wellness Centers, Disaster Preparedness, Rural and Urban Healthcare 15



Clarity Lab Solutions Clarity selected SG Blocks for its modular technology to accelerate speed of deployment and redeployment into underserved hot spots of labs certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) that require high connectivity. The cost of transporting diagnostic testing samples is high and to meet the high volume of underserved areas, Clarity required CLIA - certified labs that could be deployed at the point of collection . SG Blocks’ D - tec Suite is being utilized for the modular CLIA Labs and are designed to meet the urgent global demand for safe and easily deployable medical response situations. This deployable technology line (or D - tec) offers a uniquely efficient environment for testing collection and onsite deployable laboratory analysis. 16



SGB Development Corp SGB Development Corporation (“SGB DevCo”) is the real estate development arm of SG Blocks, Inc. that was formed in Q1 2021. Our strategy is to build strong, innovative and green single or multifamily projects in underserved regions nationally. SGB DevCo targets moderate to higher priced developments depending on the needs of the targeted site. The developments will be constructed using modules built in one of our vertically integrated factories, operated by SG Echo. In addition to these development projects, the Company plans to build additional strategically placed manufacturing facilities to support our current pipeline of over 4,200 units. 17



Development Pipeline Total Construction and Development Pipeline Valued at >$765 Million, includes 4,200 units* Lago Vista, TX 174 Unit Entitled Land for Sale Norman Berry, GA* 132 Unit Multi - Family Residential Cumberland Inlet, GA* 3500 Unit Mixed - Use Residential Monticello, NY 187 Unit Multi - Family Residential SG St Mary’s, GA* Manufacturing Facility SG Echo, OK Manufacturing Facility S G M c l e an , O K * Manufacturing Facility, 350 Unit Multi - family Residential M a nu f a ct u r i n g Facility *Future Project * As of March 31, 2022 18 Waldron , O K Manufacturing Facility Residential Devel opmen t



Third Party C o mm e r c ial Projects Meeting the needs of industry leaders in the commercial space U S M ilitar y (GITMO) MoLiving – Luxury Ho s pi t al i t y StreetFoods – Unique A I F I – A I P o w e r e d Retail Stores Quick Service R e s t au r an t 19



Revenue Growth Capitalizing on the opportunity for growth within the medical segment during COVID - 19, the Company emerges as more diversified from a revenue perspective and will be able to capitalize on new point - of - care projects to further penetrate the medical market and continue to grow its construction segment 2019 2020 2021 $38,341,702 $8,755,623 $2,984,835 20



CONFIDENTIA L Summarized Balance Sheet DEBT AS OF 6.30.22 SHO RT TER M N OT E $1,997,843 L O NG TERM N O TE $750,000 L E A S E LIABILITY $2,310,017 EQUITY AS OF 6.30.22 C O MM O N S HARES O USTANDING 12,050,206 RESTRICTED STOCK (UNVESTED) 757,450 OPTIONS OUTSTANDING 36,436 W ARRANTS O U TS TANDING 2,025,520 21 CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS* AS OF 6.30.22 CASH $2,428,211 R ESTRICTE D CASH $4,000,000 *Does not include sale of Lago Vista property.



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