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Safe & Green Holdings Corp. Announces Execution of Agreement to Refinance
its Lago Vista Site for Net Proceeds of $2.0 Million


MIAMI—March 31, 2023 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Safe & Green Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SGBX) (“Safe & Green Holdings” or the “Company”), a leading developer, designer, and fabricator of modular structures, today announced that the Company has executed an agreement to refinance its Lago Vista site, located on Lake Travis in the greater Austin, Texas area, via Stallion Funding, a private real estate finance company based in the area.


Paul Galvin, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Safe & Green Holdings Corp. commented, “Since its initial purchase for approximately $3.5 million, the Lago Vista site’s value has experienced significant appreciation due to the tremendous growth experienced in the Austin, Texas area. As a result, we were able to refinance and increase our loan on the site at a similar interest rate, providing us with approximately $2.0 million in net proceeds, further strengthening the Company’s cash position. The new note is secured by the Lago Vista property and our mixed-use McLean site in Durant, Oklahoma.”


“We believe this transaction demonstrates the value of our real estate assets, and our ability to secure non-dilutive debt financing. Moreover, we are progressing with the planned sale of the Lago Vista site, which would further strengthen our balance sheet. Overall, we have built a highly scalable business model and remain firmly committed to minimizing dilution by leveraging our growing asset base.”


The loan transaction is expected to close on March 31, 2023. The Company will provide further updates on the site in the near future, as able.




About Safe & Green Holdings Corp.


Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a leading modular solutions company, operates under core capabilities which include the development, design, and fabrication of modular structures, meeting the demand for safe and green solutions across various industries. The firm supports third-party and in-house developers, architects, builders, and owners in achieving faster execution, greener construction, and buildings of higher value. Safe and Green Development Corporation is a leading real estate development company. Formed in 2021, the company focuses on the development of sites using purpose-built, prefabricated modules built from both wood & steel, sourced from one of Safe & Green Holdings factories and operated by SG Echo. For more information, visit www.safeandgreenholdings.com and follow us at @SGHcorp on Twitter.


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