Paul M. Galvin

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Paul M. Galvin was appointed as a director and the Company’s Chief Executive Officer upon consummation of the reverse merger among CDSI Holdings Inc., CDSI Merger Sub, Inc., the Company, and certain stockholders of the Company on November 4, 2011 (the “Merger”). Mr. Galvin is a founder of SG Blocks, LLC, the predecessor entity of the Company, now entitled Safe & Green Holdings, Corp. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company since April 2009 and as a director of the Company since January 2007. Mr. Galvin has been a managing member of TAG Partners, LLC (“TAG”), an investment partnership formed for the purpose of investing in the Company, since October 2007. Mr. Galvin brings over 30 years of experience developing and managing real estate, including residential condominiums, luxury sales and market rate and affordable rental projects. Prior to his involvement in real estate, he founded a non-profit organization that focused on public health, housing and child survival, where he served for over a decade in a leadership position. During that period, Mr. Galvin designed, developed and managed emergency food and shelter programs through New York City’s Human Resources Administration and other federal and state entities. From November 2005 to June 2007, Mr. Galvin was Chief Operating Officer of a subsidiary of Yucaipa Investments, where he worked with religious institutions that needed to monetize underperforming assets. While there, he designed and managed systems that produced highest and best use analyses for hundreds of religious assets and used them to acquire and re-develop properties across the U.S. Mr. Galvin holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from LeMoyne College and a Master’s Degree in Social Policy from Fordham University. He was formerly an adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Welfare. Mr. Galvin previously served for 10 years on the Sisters of Charity Healthcare System Advisory Board and six years on the board of SentiCare, Inc. In 2011, the Council of Churches of New York recognized Mr. Galvin with an Outstanding Business Leadership Award.

Stevan Armstrong

Chief Technology Officer

Stevan Armstrong was appointed as the Company's President and Chief Operating Officer upon consummation of the Merger on November 4, 2011. Mr. Armstrong served as a director of the Company from November 4, 2011 until July 1, 2016. Mr. Armstrong is a founder of SG Blocks, LLC, now Safe & Green Holdings Corp. Mr. Armstrong has served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of SG Blocks and its predecessor entity since April 2009 and as a director of SG Blocks and its predecessor entity since January 2007. From 2003 until fully phasing out in March 2010, he was a minority partner (owner) and Chief Construction Officer for Stratford Companies, a large senior housing development group, where he had complete responsibility for all engineering, design construction, and commissioning of over $250,000,000 of facilities over a three-year period. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President for Operations of Hospital Affiliates Development Corp., a proprietary health care company specializing in the development of healthcare and senior care projects both domestically and internationally. Mr. Armstrong managed the design and construction of healthcare and elderly care housing projects in 40 states and 16 foreign countries with overall responsibility for operations. His background includes structural design engineering for large-scale healthcare projects, project scheduling, and management of development of construction budgets. He spent much of his early career working on-site as a field engineer and construction specialist. Mr. Armstrong served 30 years on active and reserve duty as a Civil Engineering Corps Officer for the U.S. Navy, retiring as Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations for the Atlantic Seabees (Navy Construction Battalions) both Active and Reserve based out of Norfolk, Virginia, with 8,000 engineering and construction troops reporting to headquarters. Mr. Armstrong was responsible for their operations both in the U.S. and worldwide. Mr. Armstrong holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a Master's in Engineering from George Washington University. Mr. Armstrong brings extensive design, construction, and engineering expertise to the Company and his pertinent experience, qualifications, attributes, and skills include real estate and development expertise.

William Rogers

Chief Operations Officer

William Rogers has served as the Company’s Chief Operations Officer since December 2020. Mr.  Rogers  has  over  30  years  of  professional  construction  experience  as  lead  superintendent.  From  April  2007  through  December  2020,  Mr.  Rogers  acted  as  the Construction Superintendent at Plaza Construction Corp. based out of New York City. As the Construction Superintendent, Mr. Rogers supervised and directed subcontractors while demonstrating strong leadership, communication, organizational and time management skills. As part of his responsibilities, Mr. Rogers monitored costs including labor and material, project schedule and progress, and coordinated the sequence of construction details.